Forestry Science Department

Head of department : Dr. Mahgoub Suliman Mohamedain Suliman

The Forestry education was started in this college 1946. The Forest Rangers School was established as early as 1946 to offer 2 years of forestry training. In 1960 the school was upgraded to the Forest Rangers College to offer a diploma in forestry. The college was run by the Forest Department until 1973, when was taken over by the Ministry of Higher Education. In 1975 the college became a department in the College of Agricultural Studies of Khartoum Polytechnic. In 1990 Khartoum Polytechnic was upgraded to Sudan University of Science and Technology. The name of the department was changed to the Division of Forestry and Wood Technology. In 1996 the division was upgraded to the College of Forestry Science to offer B.Sc. Forestry in four years. In 2003 the general B.Sc. course was upgraded to B.Sc. (Honour) in ten semesters

Academic Programs:


  • Computer Lab
  • It contains 20 computers