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Workshop on the effect of afforestation on Climate


Dr. Yassir Yousif Abdallah dean of Faculty of Forestry Science and Pastures opened the university events and afforestation workshop and its impact on local climate which was organized by the college in collaboration with the Sudanese Metrological Association. At the outset of the venue, the dean welcomed the visiting expert Steiger Balbrovissour of Khann Netherlands and Professor Hussein Adam head of the Association. The dean stressed the College interest in expanding areas of vegetation in Sudan and giving special care for afforestation and increasing and preserving the area of forests. The workshop which lasted for two days witnessed the launching of a number of papers including a paper on Climate Change by Dr. Suleiman. Dr. Steiger, the visiting expert, presented several papers included topics on trees outside forests and other papers on agro-forestry. The topics have claimed the interest of graduate students and professors of forestry in addition to the students and researchers of the University of Khartoum, Omdurman Islamic University-Department of Environment and Geography. The workshop proved to be a successful event particularly those papers presented by the visiting professor Steinger and , a man with such a rich and long experience at whose hands a number of students had graduated across the African continent, China and the Netherlands.